Shandra's farm was a house in the Mere of Dead Men.[1]


Shandra's farm was located near Highcliff.[1]


Like the other houses in Highcliff, Shandra's farm was made from stone, wood and straw.[1]


The interior is large, with many rooms, including a bedroom and a storage.[1]


When the Kalach-Cha came to Shandra Jerro for the first time to ask about the lizardfolk, the lizards managed to burn down her barn. The second time Kalach-Cha came to save Shandra from the githyanki, her house was burned, so she joined the Kalach-Cha. The third time the Kalach-Cha came was due to Ammon Jerro paying respects at the farm for her granddaughter. The Kalach-Cha had to help him defeat one of the demons he held in his Haven. Once finished, Ammon would blast a crate to get a weapon he wanted to give to Shandra.[1]



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