Shandrath, usually referred to as the Old Shandrath, was the most powerful wizard of the kingdom of Athalantar.[1]


In his youth, Shandrath killed or tamed many dragons, earning his moniker, "Wyrmhumbler".

He arrived in Athalantar in old age and usually stayed alone in his Wyrm Tower. When the Stag King Uthgrael Aumar died in 216 DR, Shandrath kept an eye on his son Elthryn Aumar, considered to be the best choice for the kingdom. At the same time, he tried to ruin the plots of the other princes, especially Belaur Aumar and his magelords.

Finally, in 222 DR, a large group of magelords attacked the Wyrm Tower and in a massed spell-attack Shandrath died, but took many magelords with him.[1]


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