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When asked about her past, Shar Teel has very little to say. From the little she speaks of, it can be gleaned that she is an orphan. She also seems to harbor an intense dislike for Flaming Fist mercenaries, as well as, an obvious disrespect for men in general. She seems to have something to prove and likely her childhood was not of storybook quality.
  — Character description from the Baldur's Gate computer game

Shar-Teel was an amazonian warrior woman who enjoyed humiliating male adventurers by challenging them to duels and soundly thrashing them. If she was defeated in a duel by a male, she would be impressed and might grudgingly pledge to accompany her combatant.


Extremely aggressive and bloodthirsty, Shar-Teel had a strong hatred of members of the opposite sex and the Flaming Fist mercenary company in particular.


Shar-Teel was the daughter of Angelo Dosan, a lieutenant in the Flaming Fist who was also secretly in the employ of Sarevok.[1]




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