The Sharaedim Vale was a verdant alpine valley about 18 miles (29 km) long by 4 miles (6.4 km) wide. It was encircled by twelve virtually impassible mountains, save for the narrow cleft to the west leading to the Halfway Inn and two well-hidden footpaths leading out to the northeast and southeast. The elves sculpted the entire valley into a terraced garden wreathed in tall trees of green and blue foliage. This was only broken by the Singing Waters, the only river of note, which flowed through the middle of the vale into the city itself. The most common structures dotting the vale were elegant arched bridges. The entire vale was warded against teleportations of all sorts, though many of the mages and clerics of proven loyalty possessed the ward tokens to bypass them.

A forest of spruce, birch, and fir trees ringed the upper slopes of the vale. A crescent of green pastureland lay below the city walls, flecked with gray boulders, brown ponies, and emerald stands of fir. Beyond the pasture, the rolling patchwork of black-and gold winter fields rose toward the mist-shrouded vineyards. Visible on the highest terraces were the switchback trails that led into the forests of the High Vale. There were always a handful of Spellguards posted at the livery station and the other entrances to the city.