Sharantyr was one of the Knights of Myth Drannor and one of the Rangers Three.[3][1]


Sharantyr was born in Baldur's Gate to the merchant Zunzyr Thalomm and his wife Nathla. During her younger years she traveled a lot with her parents through the North until they were killed by some trolls.

Sharantyr wandered for a time until she met and befriended the ranger Thauntyr, who raised her for twenty years, teaching her all about a ranger's skills.

After her foster father's death, Sharantyr went adventuring but was soon captured by drow slavers. She was rescued from the Underdark by the Knights of Myth Drannor and they suggested she join them because of her skill with the sword. She went on many adventures with the Knights. Sharantyr's main exploit, however, was in 1358 DR when she was chosen by Elminster Aumar first to fight the Zhentarim in High Dale and later with the Rangers Three to contest the malaugryms' plots during the Time of Troubles.[3]




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