Shargaas (pronounced: /ˈʃɑːrgɑːsSHAR-gas[2]) was the orc deity of darkness, night, stealth, thieves, and the undead. His symbol was a skull on a red crescent moon.[5][2]


Shargaas lived in the Night Below,[6] an immense cavern system below the lowest known layer of the plane of Gehenna, Krangath.[8] It was said that his caves extended forever, and all were pitch black.[7] The only creatures able to see were Shargaas himself and his orc and half-orc petitioners and spirit servants.[7]


Shargaas' priests wore red and black leather armor and leather caps. His sacred animal was the bat. His holy days were on the new moons. Stolen items were sacrificed to him monthly.[2]

Dogma Edit

The darkness is cold and everlasting, but provides a dark mantle for the blade in the night. With silent stride and hidden hand, cull the weak from the tribe and eliminate all other races. Go down into the deep tunnels and wage war with those who dare abide in the demesne of Shargaas. Be alert for weakness in the eyes of the chieftain, for his mistakes may spell your own doom.


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