Sharindlar (pronounced: /ʃɑːˈrɪndlɑːr/ sha-RIHN-dlar[1]), also known as the Lady of Life and Mercy, was the chaotic good dwarven deity of healing and mercy. Sharindlar represented an aspect of dwarven life rarely seen by others. Her command of fertility expanded her clergy's influence over animal husbandry along with developing new varieties of crops.[1]


Followers of Sharindlar came from all walks of life from dwarves struck down during combat to commoners accepting vows of marriage.[1]

Clerics of Sharindlar were called Thalornor or "those who are merciful". These clerics aided the sick and injured and educated young dwarves on proper courting rituals. They prayed for their spells in the morning.[1]

Holy ceremonies dedicated to Sharindlar were often practiced when the moon began to wax at Greengrass, Midsummer Night, and during a full moon. Dwarves would celebrate Sharindlar with dance, chanting, and offering gold items into a sanctified cauldron.[1]

Temples to Sharindlar were usually large halls that had enough room for dancing and celebration, along with plenty of intimate guest rooms for visiting worshipers.[1]


Sharindlar established good relations with the other members of the dwarven pantheon, including tenative friendships with the likes of Laduguer, Deep Duerra and Abbathor. The Lady of Life and Mercy occasionally acted as an intermediary between Moradin and any exiled deities they needed to act together. Sharindlar shared great kinship with Shiallia, who was believed to be her daughter from Tapann.[1][4]



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