Sharks were the perfect killing machines. These creatures had been swimming in the oceans for millions of years with little change in their appearance or methods. Sharks come in a variety of sizes and appearances, but their general shape is consistent.[citation needed]


Medium sharkEdit

Medium sharks, such as the mako shark, are sleek, spindle-shaped sharks that are renowned for their speed and ability to jump out of the water.[citation needed]

Large sharkEdit

Large sharks include creature like tiger sharks. They are solitary night-time hunters that have tiger-like stripes along their back. These stripes fade as the shark matures.[citation needed]

Huge SharkEdit

Huge sharks include such creatures as the great white shark. Great whites are found in the coastal waters of every ocean. They are apex predators, feeding on dolphins, whales, and seals. The teeth of a great white are as sharp as razor blades.[citation needed]

Dire SharkEdit

Megalodons are sharks at the pinnacle of evolution. They are massive sea-hunters of immense size and ravenous appetite.[citation needed]


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