Sharks were aggressive carnivorous fish. They could be found hunting alone or in groups and were known for attacking anyone approaching them without provocation.[3][1]


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Medium sharks, such as reef sharks, usually inhabited shallow waters and coral reefs. They hunted in packs.[1]

Large sharkEdit

Large sharks included hunter sharks that preyed on deep waters, and fleshtearer sharks, which were found in various environments, including underground rivers and lakes.[1][2] They usually hunted alone, but could also be found in groups.[1]

Huge SharkEdit

Huge sharks, sometimes known as giant sharks or great white sharks, could be found in deep oceans and attacked anything that approached them, including whales and ships.[3][1]

Even larger sharks existed, known as dire sharks, which had a similar behavior, attacking anything that they perceived to be edible, no matter how large.[4]


All sharks were utterly fierce, aggressive, and fearless. They were relentlessly hungry.[3][2][1]


Sharks were tactical hunters, using their keen senses to circle their prey just outside of their field of view and charging to attack at the most opportune moment. Their powerful jaws and sharp teeth were effective against many different targets, sometimes even ship hulls.[3][2][1]


Sharks were revered by sahuagin and could be trained by them. Their kinship to sahuagin was so strong that even wild sharks considered them allies and did not attack them. Sahuagin could also telepathically issue commands to nearby sharks.[5]

The smaller types of sharks were very common in the waters surrounding Chult. The Bay of Chult and Refuge Bay contained large groups of reef sharks. Hunter sharks and reef sharks hunted off the coast of Ishau, as well as Jahaka Anchorage.[6]


These creatures had been swimming in the oceans for thousands of years with little change in their appearance or methods.[2]

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