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Sharlarion was one of the ancient elven cities founded long before the Crown Wars and even the First Sundering. [1]


One of its founders was the master dragonrider Sharlario Moonflower. In the Year of Singing Sirens a huge orc horde threatened the city. The orcs were led by the demon Haeshkarr. At that time most High Magi of Sharlarion were dead and only the archmage Kethryllia Amarillis was left to lead the defenders. All others died in a magical backslash, when they where bonded with the circle of High Magis in Occidian during the cities destruction. Besides being an archmage Kethryllia was also a good fighter and two nights before the attack began she even managed to complete a mighty magical sword, known as Dharasha. The second best defense of the city were at that time dragonriders but they were away in the south to hunt down two black dragons. Only the archmage and the inhabitants could stand against the orc horde. But they managed to defeat them under heavy losses. Kethryllia even followed the demon into the abyss. In doing this she brought Faerûn to the attention of Lolth.[2]

Places of InterestEdit

Durothil KeepEdit

Once the prince Durothil lived here. The Keep became the home of the archmages of Sharlarion and so it was where Kethryllia Amarillis resided.[3]


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