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Sharrak was a winged kobold member of the Cult of the Dragon in Moonsea in 1489 DR.


Sharrak had two heads who had different personalities that always disagreed. The left head was proud and haughty, while the right was cunning and cruel.


Sharrak was sent by his masters to infiltrate the Claws of Tiamat, a bandit group led by Jeralla. He performed so well that he soon become the group's second-in-command. When the Claws decided to have a meeting with another bandit group, the Gray Patriots, in order to negotiate an alliance, Sharrak decided that the time was the right to kill the heretic Jeralla and her minions.

Thus he alerted his masters to send an orc war band to kill all present. However, while waiting for the right time, an adventuring party hired to clean the Iron Route of outlaws arrived and ruined his plans. In the ensuing fighting, Sharrak was killed.[2]




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