Shatil was a young priest of Zaltec in Palul and the brother of Erixitl.[1]


Considering his sister and his father Lotil weak for their compassion, Shatil decided to join the clergy of Zaltec.[2] In 1361 DR, he became the prime assistant of the high priest Zitli.

Zitli conspired with the Nexalan high priest Hoxitl in order to arrange an ambush against the Golden Legion at Palul. Under Shatil's suggestion, Zitli decided to use Erixitl as a translator.[3]

He and Zitli were at Zaltec's pyramid during a false party held there to welcome the legionaries. However, when the legionaries started attacking the hidden Nexalan warriors, it became clear that they had uncovered the plot. Zitli sacrificed himself to allow Shatil to escape via a secret passage in order to explain the situation to Hoxitl.[4]

Arriving in Nexal, Shatil introduced himself to Hoxitl and asked to join the Viperhands in order to destroy the strangers. Hoxitl was very pleased by the young priest and inducted him into the Viperhands.[5] Later, Hoxitl instructed Shatil that his sister was a danger to Zaltec and needed to be killed and that Shatil was the best choice as assassin. The high priest also gave to him the Talon of Zaltec to help him in his mission.[6]

When searching for his sister, Shatil met Halloran and Lord Poshtli, who welcomed him without suspecting his intent. Gradually, however, Shatil had begun to reconsider the will of Zaltec, no longer believing that his god could want the death of his sister. When he finally met her, Shatil did not act against Erixitl.[7]

With the arrival of the couatl Chitikas and the treachery of the Ancient Ones finally unveiled, Shatil fully joined his sister and her companions. Shatil explained to them where the lair of the Ancient Ones was located, inside Mount Zatal.[8]

During the fighting in the Highcave, Shatil was killed by some arrows fired by the drow.[9]



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