Shazzellim is a +1 intelligent scimitar created by the Red Wizards of Thay with the express purpose of slaying Harpers. It has been cared for poorly, evidenced by chips, scratches and the like and it resents that fact. It also resents its own existence as a result it comes off as very mean.


The sword seems to be made out of very poor steel but the edge is very sharp. It has an iron guard curved into rearing serpents and a dyed red leather grip that may be brown with age or possibly have been replaced.


Created by, or at least under the orders of, Lauzoril of the Red Wizards of Thay to slay his most hated enemies, the Harpers, though the reason he hated them so is unknown.

Elminster saw the blade while it was wielded by Ahlzul, a captain in the armies of Thay who had been sent to Archendale to slay Dove Falconhand. Unfortunately for him he mistakenly attacked a knight named Jasilmer instead and was slain. His men recovered Ahlzul's body and the sword, but they were all killed by men of Archendale over a code-of-conduct dispute.

Briefly gone from view, it was next identified by Helavaster of Hillsfar when a caravan master, Lhemako Tarsakh brought it to that city. Once it's identity was known it was taken by Lhemako's superior Meer. Meer disappeared and Shazzellim was passed onto his superiors in Zhentil Keep. It was hidden for a short while but is now known to be in the Zhentarim's possession.


It has a neutral evil alignment, speaks Common, Orcish, Abyssal and Infernal, and has the keen quality. It gives its wielder the ability to detect magic at will and, three times per day, locate object. It can also cast a fireball.

In first edition D&D, it could also speak thieves' cant and detect secret doors at will. In addition, it could read any non-magical language and had the ability to Heal its wielder once per day. It slew Bards by disintegrating them but couldn't cast the fireball as it can now.


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Shazzellim appeared in Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn as a non-intelligent +1 scimitar that allowed spellcasters to cast while under the effects of silence that slays any Bards it hits unless they pass a saving throw.


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