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She-Wolves were a female mercenary company based in the Vilhon Reach around 1358 DR.[1]


The She-Wolves had two units of infantry, one of cavalry and one of archers, each of 50 members. There were also 10 scouts, 10 sorceresses, and 20 priestesses.[1]


They were a very cohesive group, able to fight on all kinds of terrain. They were also very skilled at changing tactics during a battle thank to a rapid code.[1]


The She-Wolves never accepted work from men that who looked down on women. They were always honorable and tried to help all women in need. They also acted as the army of Ixinos. They charged 500 gold pieces per week for their services.[1]


On the isle of Ixinos in the Vilhon Reach lived a matriarchal human culture where women were trained as warriors from birth. Around 1258 DR, they started going outside the island and acted as a mercenary company. In time, they destroyed a large number of pirate groups in the Sea of Fallen Stars[1]



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