Sheenra Duth was an Harper.[1]


Sheenra loved her life and had always an contagious smile on her face. She was able to remember thousands of minute details during her normal walk.[1]


Sheenra born in Athkatla in Amn and lived a happy childhood until her family was caught in a business intrigue; a rival of her father ended killing her patents and taking Sheenra as slave. Luckily she managed to escape and in revenge thieved the man's shop and burned his home. Sheenra later left Amn with no objective in mind but during the travel was intrigued by a traveling minstrel and followed him. Thank to this man, an Harper agent, Sheenra arrived at the Twilight Hall in Berdusk where she blossomed in a able Harper thief and musician. She however always asked for the most difficult missions until Cylyria Dragonbreast assigned a easy one to Sheenra: she had to infiltrate a caravan with two fellow Harpers in order to deliver a message. Instead in the caravan Sheenra seduced a merchant and thieved from him a document. It's found out that the man was a Zhentarim and Sheenra had thieved a list of Zhent agents. From that time she become a true adventurer, always ready to get on with it-no matter how dangerous or unpleasant it promised to be.[1]



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