Sheffol was the Silhouette of Fences, Smugglers, and Pirates of the Sea's Sect of the Shadow Thieves in Murann around 1370 DR.[1]


Sheffol was a happy man who did what he loved. Every few years, Sheffol gave away or spent much of his wealth, just to have the chance to accumulate it again, making him very popular among the poor and various temples.[1]


Sheffol's primary method of operation was using his vast network of favors, which he acquired by using his money to assist people in trouble. In time, he'd put together a large and varied network of people in debt to him. Sheffol used these collected favors to transport or store stolen items or contraband goods. He liked using nobles and other popular figures to transport his contraband goods, as their reputations were on the line. Usually, he protected his own identity by using intermediaries to collect on these favors. On the other hand, Sheffol had normal dealings with pirates, fences, and smugglers.[1]



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