Shestandeliath Geshthax was a dragonborn of Tymanther and the patriarch of Clan Shestandeliath in 1486 DR.[1] He was a direct descendant of Haizverad.[2]


Geshthax had graying, rusty scales and long tasseled plumes. He had lost his right arm.[1]


When he was young, he was kidnapped by followers of Tiamat who wanted to ransom him in exchange of the Breath of Petron. When Clan Shestandeliath refused to give in the artifact, the cultists severed his right arm as a punishment. He was later rescued by a detachment of Lance Defenders.[2]

In 1486 DR, Geshthax sought out Verthisathurgiesh Anala and Ophinshtalajiir Kaijia in order to investigate a series of murders in the Catacombs of Djerad Thymar.[1]

On Hammer 9 of 1487 DR, Geshthax sacrificed himself in order to active the Breath of Petron so he could raise an earth barrier to surround Djerad Thymar and protect the city against Gilgeam's forces. Although Geshthax didn't died by using the artifact, he was left impaired and his daughter, Shestandeliath Narhanna, succeeded him as the new matriarch of Clan Shestandeliath.[2]




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