Shhuusshuru, also known as Shadow Wing, was sired sometime before the founding of Cormyr in 26 DR by the shadow dragon Shadraxil.

She gave birth to now-leader of the Cult of the Dragon, Aurgloroasa, before expelling her daughter from her realm after two centuries. She preceded the Sibilant Shade's ascension to dracolichdom with the help of a nascent cult cell in Berdusk. Originally, this was just to gain more power in the Western Heartlands but eventually she took over leadership of the cell. She still holds a loose alliance with her daughter's cell in Sembia

It was at her insistence that the Berduskan cell's second attempt at creating a Sacred One was to involve the red dragon Greshrukk "Red Eye". This plan involved luring a party of adventurers, who had aquired his stolen phylactery (in the form of a sword pommel), to his cave who they would then ambush, steal the sword and perform a ritual that would quickly transfer his essence to his corpse.

From her lair in the tallest of the Far Hills she plots to take over Darkhold and from there, conquer the entire Chionthar river valley.



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