Shiallia (pronounced shee-AL-yuh [2] or shee-AL-lee-ah [3]) is a good exarch of Mielikki. She usually appears as a voluptuously beautiful female korred whose long blond hair is festooned with garlands of oak leaves and golden acorns.

She is the patron and protector of pregnant forest creatures, a planter of trees and nurturer of seedlings. She rejoices in life and shields against death.[2] She is said to be earthy and winsome, and when not taking care of their needs delights in frolicking in the woods and playing with the woodland creatures who are her charges. At times she seems giddy and carefree, but has deeper qualities and a more mysterious quality which differentiates her from the fey forest creatures such as satyrs. While she is fiercely protective of those she protects, she is unlikely to interfere with matters outside of her portfolio if they do not directly involve her.[3]

Relationships Edit

Shiallia is said to be the sister (or sometimes daughter[2]) of the Tree Ghost and the daughter of Tapann the undying, and sometimes the daughter of Mielikki, who she serves with both Lurue and Gwaeron Windstrom, and thus ultimately Silvanus. She enjoys strong relationships with Chauntea and Eldath who have overlapping portfolios with her and are both strong in Shiallia's favored regions. She is in opposition with Auril, Malar, Talona, and Talos, who seek to destroy the things she protects.[3]

Worshipers Edit

Shiallia's church is casually organized, without much of a formal structure or hierarchy. Her followers are sometimes known as the Silent Helpers, perhaps for the tales of their quiet and unseen aid in guiding lost children and fools past the dangers of the High Forest.[3] Certain particularly dedicated priests of the Sister Goddess are known as Woodwives, and is said that they possess spells which can increase fertility and ease childbirth.[4] She has been known to confer acorns of desire on especially favored worshipers, which can grant them wishes.[2]

Temples Edit

The Daughter of the High Forest's faith is confined to the North, and in days past was virtually unknown beyond the borders of the High Forest,[2] where she maintains a center of worship know as The Glade of Life.[5] However, despite this, an inn by the name of The Golden Oak, has also served as a temple to Shiallia in Silverymoon for many years.[6][7] At the time of the Year of the Prince, it was run by the priestess Izolda Three-corn.[6] Finally, a temple simply called The Grotto, is said to lie somewhere in the vicinity of Everlund.[5]


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