A shield of senses was a magical shield that protected the bearer from fire and from blindness and deafness.[1]


This item was a +1 animated fire resistance large steel shield. It was painted with some form of coat of arms or holy symbol befitting a cleric.[1]


When the wielder was exposed to a magical or non-magical attack that caused blindness, deafness, or both, this item reacted by bestowing remove blindness or deafness on the wielder. The shield of senses could do this up to two times per day.[1]


This item was the subject of rumors surrounding Ilmurk Jongrath, a miller and entrepreneur who owned Jongrath's Mill in southwestern Tethyr. Ilmurk did heraldic design, painting, and touch-up work for armigerous folk as a side business. It was said that a cleric had Ilmurk paint this shield and then was killed in battle before she was able to retrieve it. Jongrath, being an honest businessman, was believed to have hidden it somewhere on his land, waiting for her to return.[1]

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