Shimnuses were dreadful denizens of the outer planes who found their way to the Hordelands.[1]


These creatures resembled ogre-like crones. They had shaggy hair that was usually covered in filth. Sharp, black teeth filled their mouths. Their fingers ended in sharp claws. All shimnuses wore tattered rages. Only female shimnus had been spotted.[1]


Though fearsome in battle, shimnuses resorted to combat as a final option. Deceipt was their preferred method of attack. Magical iron claws and hammers were their preferred weapon.[1]

Shimnuses were capable of breathing fire as often as they wished.[1]

Once per day they were able to increase their size to that of a storm giant, which they used to throw large boulders.[1]

Shimnuses were immune to all mind control and ‘’hold’’ spells. Magical weapons were needed to harm them.[1]


These solitary creatures were never seen in greater numbers than a pair, and males were never seen.[1]

They preferred to make their homes in the barren wilderness on the edge of human societies. Shimnuses were omnivores. During their time in the Hordelands they developed a taste for human food, especially milk and cheese. [1]

Shimnuses viewed humans and demihumans as a nuisance that they had to put up with. [1]


Shimnuses enjoyed the taste of human food. They would often gorge themselves when they were able to find food. Desperate shimnuses were known to offer treasure in exchange for food.[1]



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