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The Shining Plains was a portion of the Vilhon Reach, named after the visual effect of sunlight hitting the plains. The plains themselves were not held by any cohesive force, instead being composed of human-filled city-states, wemic and centaur tribes, and a powerful druidic organization called the Emerald Enclave.[3]

Notable Settlements Edit

Geographic Features Edit

Deepwing Mountains
One of the boundaries of the Shining Plains, the home of fire drakes and other monsters.[4]
Gulthmere Forest
Touchesd the northern edge of the Shining Plains and the headquarters of a powerful druid circle, located in a city called Cedarsproke.[4]
Rushing Hills
South of Lheshayl and home of a tribe of thri-kreen called the Krakk't. [4]
The Wetwoods
Boggy wetlands that served as the home of a village of frog-like humanoids called grippli.[4]


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