The Ship of the Gods was a volcanic island on the Alamber Sea on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It had no ports.[1] The island was considered to be part of the Smoking Mountains chain.[2]


Around 957 DR, the island was settled by Untherans. However, an eruption killed all the population of the island.[3]

Around 1357 DR, the island was used as a pirate haven. It was believed that some pirates had stolen the Galley of the Gods and hid it on the island.[4]

An eruption in 1369 DR caused part of its upper slopes to collapse,[1] casing massive destruction in the Alaor and in Bezantur.[5] There have been unconfirmed speculative claims that there was treasure buried inside the volcano.[1]

The island seem to have disappeared after the Spellplague of 1385 DR.[6][note 1]



  1. As the island is not mentioned in 4th edition related lore, neither appears in post-Spellplague official maps.


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