Shiz-ti was the greatest wu jen in Wa around 1357 DR.[1]


Shiz-ti, like his father, received an appointment as a minor advisor to the tairo. He spent most of his time in his magical research, however.


In 1345 DR, he was arrested on the suspicion of causing a falling star that crashed in the merchant's district of Uwaji, killing two hundred people. The day after, the Great Fire razed half the city, leaving 100,000 people dead. However, all charges against him were withdrawn. Under Shiz-ti's suggestion, he was instead moved to the island of Paikai to take care of the Temple of the High Moon.

There, he became the absolute ruler of the place, using the daimyo Fudo Oieto as a puppet. Shiz-ti plotted to wipe out all human life in Wa, granting the land to animals and plants, which was, in his mind, the true will of the gods. However, he had not yet found the correct plan to use.[1]



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