Shocker lizards were magical beasts that possess the ability to produce electrical effects from their body.[1]


Shocker lizards tended to be small and blue in color. They were otherwise similar to normal lizards in attitude. They hunted small animals, insects, and fish for food.[1]


Shocker lizards preferred to be left alone. If an intruder entered their territory, the lizard warned off the intruder with a light stunning shock. If the intruder did not leave, the shocker lizard produced large, deadlier electrical discharges. Shocker lizards could work together to produce even more powerful discharges.[1]


In 1374 DR, two shocker lizards in the Shadow Swamp on the Plane of Shadow followed a shambling mound back to its den in the Shadowscale Warren. The two species formed a mutualist relationship: they gained the shambler's protection and ate its leavings, while their electric shocks bolstered and healed the shambler.[2]



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