Shondarl Stonegiant was a merchant who lived in the Vast and worked as a locksmith and a supplier of trained dancers.

Stonegiant maintained a country house in the town of Maerstar, and fled there following the chaos and disaster in his home city during the Time of Troubles, 1358 DR, along with a number of other merchants from Procampur and Tsurlagol. However, they were harassed by looting mobs of refugees from Tantras, Calaunt and even Mulmaster, who'd also come through Maerstar. Stonegiant buried a hoard of coins and trade-bars in one of Maerstar's horse paddocks to protect them from the looters, but did not survive to retrieve them afterwards. The hoard was reputed to still be buried in Maerstar by 1370 DR.[1]



  • It should be noted that Shondarl was not necessarily a stone giant, and more likely that Shondarl or their family was named after one. By the context of Maerstar's description, Shondarl Stonegiant likely came from either Procampur or Tsurlagol.


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