Shoon I was the second emperor of the Shoon Imperium.[2]


Shoon I was a handsome man, but his eyes were guarded and he had a cruelty that was visible in his facial features.[1]


Shoon I was a very proud man. In his vanity, he commissioned the construction of many statues and murals of his likeness that remained for centuries.[1]


Shoon I was responsible for the start of the massive road system project that connected the cities of Calimshan, including beginning the project of extending the Trade Way across the Calim Desert.[1]

Shoon also saw to the formation of the Wizard's Consortium that grew to become the Guilds Arcane of modern Calimshan.[1] The Consortium was founded in 61 DR, and Shoon I required all wizards to register so that he could have better control over magic in his realm.[3]


Shoon I was the son of Amahl Shoon III. He had three older brothers, who were slain in so-called "hunting accidents" orchestrated by his father's enemies. He had at least four children, three sons and a daughter. His sons were named Qamar, Ksan, and Aleph. Aleph would go on to become Shoon II.[1]


Shoon I was born with the name Aleph yn Amahl el Shoon in 12 DR. He was the only surviving son of Amahl Shoon III. When he took the throne of the Empire in 50 DR, he abandoned his given name and went simply by his surname Shoon. He was the first of the seven emperors who would do so.[1]


Shoon I's statue was the southern-facing statue of the Fountain of the Qysars in Calimport.[4]



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