Shoon V was the first empress of the Shoon Imperium and the first woman to directly rule over either Calimshan or Tethyr.[2]


Shoon V was a skilled and capable ruler, despite how the nobles looked down on her for being a woman.[2]

She had an intense fear of undead.[5]


Because of her phobia of undead, Shoon V commissioned the creation of the Dual Ring of Velsharoon's Bindings. This was two rings—one worn on the index finger, the other on the little finger—connected by a fine chain. It protected her against undead and spells from the school of necromancy.[5]


Shoon V lessened the role of wizards in the Empire from the status they held during the reign of her great-grandfather, Shoon IV. She enhanced the power and size of the military, especially the Farisans and the Sadimmin. She also increased the size of the Qysaghanni, the royal guard.[2]

Her efforts expanding the Imperium to include the lands of the Shaar as far as the Landrise,[2][6] and she took control of lands on the Chultan Peninsula as well,[2] taking the lands of the Tashalar and Thindol.[7] She had demanded that each of the Cities of the Seabreeze garrison a legion of her troops. When the the Lapaliiyan city of Untisczer refused in an uprising,[4] her troops, in a terrifying display of power, destroyed the the city in 285 DR.[8][4] This was the start of her Tashalar Campaigns, which she had been planning all along.[4]

She attempted to colonize the Nelanther Isles as well, but this project failed for no fault of her own; her leaders simply did not like the climate of the islands.[2]


Shoon V was the first great-granddaughter and only surviving heir of Shoon IV.[2]

She bore seven children, four sons and three daughters. Only three of her children survived to adulthood; the rest were slain by either disease or assassination.[2][note 2]

Her fourth son was named Kahlar. He was born in 288 DR and was the son of Jahar el Tavarn. Kahlar would go on to become Shoon VI after her death. He was very sick as a child, and fearing for his life, she sent him into the north to be raised by friends and trained as a wizard.[2]

Her second daughter and sixth child was named Nada. Nada was married off to King Karaj Tiiraklar II of Tethyr. She never bore any children.[2]

Shoon V's last child was a daughter named Selara. Selara married Nadim el Jhotos, who was the Caleph Arcane of Almraiven. They gave Shoon V twelve grandchildren together. Their son Kodos would later become the infamous Shoon VII.[2]


Shoon V was born with the name Munaa yr Oma el Shoon. Lady Munaa was named sole heir of Shoon IV, against the complaints of his vizars, who were offended by the idea of a woman as ruler of the Imperium. Shoon IV, however, did not select her out of respect for her talents but rather as a formality, for he planned to enter lichdom and live and rule forever.[2]

His plan failed. He died when he attempted the transformation to undeath, and Lady Munaa became empress at the age of seventeen years, taking on the name Shoon V.[2]

When she was only 36 years old, Shoon V came down with a deadly fever. She immediately summoned her son from the northern lands, and Kahlar was escorted by the Qysaghanni to be by her side when she died.[2]



  1. There appears to be a discrepancy because although Empires of the Shining Sea gives 264 DR as Shoon V's year of birth, and she had seven children, the seventh of whom was Selara, mother of Shoon VII, this doesn't give enough time for Shoon VII's 290 DR birth, as grandson of Shoon V. George Krashos has clarified this by giving Shoon V's birth as 250 DR, against the published source material.
  2. Empires of the Shining Sea, p. 27, states that two died of natural causes and three died of "court intrigue"; however, she had three surviving children, so if five died, she could not have had seven children! For this article, I have arbitrarily assumed that the number of children is correct and that the counts of the means of death are incorrect.


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