Shornthal Imynster held the title of Magister of Faerûn from 136 DR until 148 DR.[1]


Historical accounts appeared to confirm that Shornthal had blond hair that he wore down to his ankles. He preferred to wear his hair unbound so that it trailed behind him as he moved about.[1]


Shornthal's abrupt manner of speaking, and his controversial views on how Faerûn should be governed, made him many enemies among the rulers of the continent.[1]


Shornthal traveled extensive throughout Faerûn, attempting to convince the various lords and kings of their folly. He was usually greeted with arrows dangerous spells, none of which harmed him. Golems were even sent against him, but he smashed them to bits.[1]

Shornthal eventually perished in battle, but the historical accounts were vague on the exact nature of his death.[1]



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