Shothragot is an immensely powerful elder evil in the service of Ghaunadaur. Shothragot is the principal instrument in Ghaunadaur's plans, and its mission is to slay the worshipers of other gods in order to weaken them. When they are weak enough, Ghaunadaur plans to defeat the other deities and steal their power for himself until he has enough power to challenge Ao.[1]


Shothragot was created in ancient times by its master, Ghaunadaur, as the prime instrument in his plans to conquer the planes and undo the works of the gods. Shothragot is known to worshipers of Ghaunadaur and likewise venerated by many of them itself. Shothragot has slept for years, siphoning power from its dark worshipers until it has enough strength to begin its dark work. While the awakening of any elder evil would be devastating to the planes Shothragot's arousement would be even more terrible, due to its power, comparable with that of a god.[1]

Like many elder evils, Shothragot's influence extends over more than the multiverse in which Toril and the other known worlds lay, such as the world of Oerth. The imprisonment of another god associated with Shothragot, Tharizdun, forced the elder evil to retreat from Oerth through the Plane of Shadow and into Undermountain where Halaster imprisoned it.[2] Shothragot was most recently awoken shortly after Halaster's death when an adventurer exploring Undermountain named Giorge Forsworn came upon the elder evil and was brutally refashioned into his mortal servant.[1]

With his new minion Shothragot's power swells and in 1372 DR it felt almost ready to reveal itself.[1]


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