Shou Lung was a country in the continent of Kara-Tur, which was located to the east of Faerûn.

People from Shou Lung were referred to as Shou.[citation needed]


It was arguably the largest and most powerful nation in the world, boasting technology that could one day surpass that of Lantan.[citation needed]

Lying between Kara-Tur and Faerûn was the Dragonwall, a great wall of stone. According to legend, a wu jen was tasked by the emperor with finding a way to keep the Tuigan hordes from raiding Shou Lung's northern provinces. The wu jen stole the Jade Mirror from the sea dragon Pao Hu Jen, whose body was thousands of kilometers long. The wu jen led the dragon on a chase across the border, and at a certain point stopped and held up the Jade Mirror to the dragon's eyes, which instantly turned him to stone. After his petrified body fell to the ground, the emperor had his engineers carve fortifications into it so that it could serve them as a defensive wall.[citation needed]


The official head of the government was the Emperor, but in practice everyday affairs of state were handled by the Chancellor, who executed the Emperor's decrees, oversaw the bureaucracy, and controlled the information that reached the emperor's ears. Around 1357 DR, the emperor was Kai Tsao Shou Chin. A wu jen was the emperor's official court wizard, who advised the Emperor with divinations and dealt with magical threats.[citation needed]

The government was composed of eight ministries: State, War, Magic, Faith, Sea, Agriculture, Public Works, and State Security. It was a meritocratic system; every year the Civil Service Examination held examinations to test candidates for government jobs.[citation needed]

The Forbidden City was a walled compound that contained the Imperial Palace and the halls of government. Only governmental staff were allowed inside during the day, and during the night only the royal family and their domestic staff could remain; trespassers were punished by death.[citation needed]

The nobility of Shou Lung were much weaker than those of most Faerûnian nations. They had less power than government ministers, and their private armies were kept small by law. They constantly schemed to wrest more power from the priesthood and bureaucrats.[citation needed]



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