Shoun was a settlement in the halfling realm of Luiren.[1]


Shoun was located on Luirenstrand on the coast of the Great Sea in eastern Luiren. Shoun was the port nearest to Passion Island.[3] It was the terminus from a road leading to Beluir, as well as the beginning of a trail leading to Ormpe in Estagund.[1]


Melino Richtoes was the mayor of Shoun in 1367 DR.[3]


Shoun was founded by halflings in 116 DR.[2] The settlement sported a host of bakeries, eventually giving rise to the phrase "fat as a Shounite" throughout Luiren. Additionally, famous dairies were supplied by goats, which were kept north of the city. It was even rumored that Luiren spring cheese originated here.[3]



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