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A shrieker was a variant of the violet fungus known for the strange and loud noises it emitted to attract prey.[1]


Shriekers were human-sized mushrooms. They were similar in appearance to violet fungi, but they lacked the ability to move and did not have tentacles with which to poison prey. They could produce a loud, piercing, screaming sound that tended to attract curious creature (or adventurers) to the area.[1]

They were immune to the poison of violet fungi.[1]


Shriekers thrived in dark underground environments.[1] Besides being found in large numbers in the Underdark, shriekers also grew on the illithid homeworld.[2] The Flooded Forest was a dark enough environment for shriekers to grow their as well.[3]


Shriekers could sense nearby motion or light and would respond with their namesake shriek. Each such screaming sound lasted between five and fifteen seconds. A patch of shriekers relied on violet fungi to kill prey with their poison, since a shrieker could not attack or move on its own. Like violet fungi, shriekers gained their nourishment from the breakdown of organic matter that had fallen nearby.[1]


In the Underdark, shriekers were sometimes placed intentionally to act as intruder alarms. House DeVir planted a shrieker among every fifth mushroom surrounding its compound to ward off potential attackers.[4]

Shriekers were poisonous to most creatures as food; however, the stomachs of hook horrors had adapted to digest them without issue.[5]




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