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Shrimp were an aquatic creature found in many areas of Toril.[1]


Deeping shrimpEdit

These shrimp were a bright-red freshwater river breed that grew up to 1 ft (0.3 m) in length. These shrimp could be found in the Deeping stream. There tasty shrimp were harvested in nets by local halfling shrimpers in the 1360s DR. Their dried shells emitted a soft pink light for up to two days, and could be used to mark trails in the dark.[1]

Popper shrimpEdit

Popper shrimp were a breed of shrimp that flourished in the Wyvernwater and the irrigation canals around the village of Nesmyth in Cormyr. Their shells could be used to create an antidote for a gill rot disease that affected giant golden carp. In 1367 DR, a sage in Thunderstone received from an explorer a deceased giant golden carp from Scalewater, a pond south of the Thunder Peaks, identified the gill rot disease, and feared that a red dragon who guarded the pond would retaliate against nearby villages unless it was treated with the popper-shrimp antidote.[2]



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