The Shrine to Mystra was a holy place devoted to the goddess Mystra in Shadowdale.[1]


The shrine was a low step pyramid of three wide steps.[2]


It was located behind the temple of Tymora, and was twenty feet by twenty feet on its base and ten feet by ten feet at the top. This top step was made of dark stone and was inscribed with the symbol of Mystra in silver. The shrine had no caretakers or clergy, but was tended by worshipers.[1]


Followers of Mystra originally wanted to build a shrine on the ruins of Sylune's Hut, but Lord Mourngrym wouldn't allow it. In compromise, they built a shrine that allowed viewing of both Sylune's Hut and Elminster's Tower and, as of 1367 DR, it was viewed by both visitors and townsfolk alike.[1]

In Hammer, 1375 DR, the Zhents took over Shadowdale, and removed the silver from the top of the shrine, defacing the carved stone at the top. Dark Doom Malathon, a half-orc priest of Bane, cast unhallow upon the shrine and sacrificed at least three villagers upon the altar to the Black Lord.[2]


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