Shrink item (originally called Aksa's object[1] and later simply item[3][6]) was a common transmutation spell used by arcane casters to shrink an object to tiny size.[2]


Upon casting the spell, the caster could touch a non-magical, non-living object and shrink it to as little as  14,000 times its original volume and mass. It would remain in this shrunken state for at least five days—or longer for more powerful casters.[2]

If desired, the caster could chose to change the physical make-up of the item, making it behave as if it were made of cloth.[2]

Tossing a magically shrunken object onto any hard surface would cause it to revert back to its original size and composition, as would speaking a special command word chosen by the caster. This would end the spell.[2]

Even non-solid objects could be shrunken and changed by shrink item, such as a burning campfire, including its flame. If the spellcaster knew the permanency spell, an item could be created that could be shrunk and expanded indefinitely.[2]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[2]


The spell was invented by the Netherese arcanist Aksa the Destroyer in −2141 DR.[7]

Notable UsersEdit

The vremyonni mage Bastun was known to use this spell.[8]


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