Shulgi was a vampire thief in Unther in 1357 DR.


Shulgi was a thief in Cormyr until he explored a ruin and met a vampire that turned Shulgi into a vampire.

Years later, the adventuring company the Destroyers of Ghosts killed his master, setting Shulgi free. He escaped east, finally settling in Messemprar. There he posed as a retired businessman but in truth remained a thief. He never drunk blood from a human but instead from bought livestock.[1]


Shulgi was slowly organizing a thieves' guild in the city. However, with the recent turmoils in Unther, he stated thinking about relocating to Chessenta.[1]


Shulgi was a not very evil vampire. However, if someone really annoyed him, he would kill him very slowly. He truly enjoyed thieving. He never created another vampire, remembering the poor treatment from his master.[1]



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