A shuriken was a small bladed throwing weapon.[1][2]


A piece of sharpened metal, there were many sizes and shapes in use, but there were three main kinds of shuriken: the spike, the small star, and the large star. The spike was simply a large pin that tapered to a sharp point. A star could have three to eight razor-edged points; the design ensured that at least one point would strike a target.[1][2]


A shuriken could only be used as a throwing weapon, thrown with the hand, and was not used in melee. It inflicted small piercing injuries. Their effective range was quiet short; typically 10 feet (3 meters).[1][2]

Owing to their small size, shuriken were easy to conceal, being tucked within sashes of folds of clothing. The spike shuriken could even be worn as a pin in the hair.[1]


The shuriken was an exotic weapon that required special training to use effectively. It was commonly wielded by monks, who could use it with their special martial arts techniques.[2] However, they were primarily used by ninja.[1]

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