Shyarn Feng was a sohei adventurer in Shou Lung in 1358.[1]


Born in Wa K'an province in Shou Lung, Shyarn Feng grew up at the Blue Stork monastery.

He quickly became a sohei and his first mission was to recover the temple's minyarn (an altar containing holy texts and the remains of the monastery's founder). which had been stolen by some bandits. He led a squad of sohei and recovered the minyarn but only after it lost its power and all his companions died, the last placing upon Shyarn a curse: he would never be a leader of men again until he had received the forgiveness and blessing of the gods.

Shyarn started traveling to Shou Lung, working for various followers of the Path of Enlightenment in order to redeem himself but always something went wrong.

In 1358 DR, he was searching for a divine sign from the Celestial Bureaucracy when he was possibly approached by Ko Ho San.[1]


His monk teachers taught him to be very stoic and more reserved and puritan than others. His misfortunes had also made Shyarn very fatalistic.[1]


Shyarn Feng had no close friends, believing that friendship would cause others to have the same misfortune as him. His only companion was his cowardly dog Dan.[1]


Behind the scenesEdit

Shyarn Feng was the only original pre-generated PC for use in adventures in T'u Lung.


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