Sial Sapphire was one of the lieutenants of the Xanathar Thieves' Guild in Skullport in 1479 DR.[1]


Sial was a very successful solitary thief.

In 1479 DR, Kal'dir finally found her and offered her an opportunity to meet the new Xanathar. In front of the beholder, Sial challenged its authority, proclaiming herself the best burglar of the city and accusing the Xanathar's agents of being inefficient. Impressed, the Xanathar offered Sial a position as a lieutenant in the Xanathar's Guild and she accepted.

In time, she also became the guild's spymaster.[1]


Sial supervised all the guild's activities involving thieving and burglary. She also directed the spy network of the guild, often discovering things that Kal'dir, Quid, or Draak believed they'd kept secret.[1]


Sial was a natural chameleon and could change her attitude and personality as needed. So nobody knew if she lied or not. Sial was a master manipulator. In many ways, she was like a drow at heart.[1]


Sial had no stable home, normally wandering all of the city's districts.[1]


Sial knew of Kal'dir's fascination for her.[1]


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