Sigurd was a shield dwarf man of the dwarven city of Earthfast[3] of the Earthfast Mountains of north Faerûn,[1] in the Earthroot region of the Underdark.[2]


Sigurd was a warrior of Earthfast and an ally of the Harpers.[4]

He made a number of journeys to Rashemen.[3] He toured its wilderness, seeing such sites as Lake Ashane, the High Country, Lake Tirulag, and the Urlingwood from afar, as well as the ruins of Citadel Rashemaar (destroyed in 1360 DR). He also visited the cities of Immilmar and Kront. His guide on some of these travels was Ygsvar.[5]

On his travels, Sigurd spent a great deal of time with the Rashemaar and their berserkers, making many friends among them[3] and growing quite fond of the people, their country, and their firewine. He decided he liked them because they were very dwarf-like, for their underground dwellings and their capacity for ale and firewine. Sigurd grew quite familiar with them and their ways.[6][7][8][4]

Sigurd wrote a report on Rashemen for the scribe Lhaeo Rhindaun. Lhaeo used it as part of his report on the Unapproachable East, sent to Lady Alustriel Silverhand of Silverymoon in the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR.[9][3]


Like many dwarves, Sigurd despised the water and hated swimming, and grew seasick even on Lake Ashane.[5]


Sigurd wielded an axe in battle.[5]


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