The Silaviul Mountains were a mountain range in southeast Faerûn, and were an arm of the great Yehimal mountains.

They separated the kingdom of Ulgarth and the barbarian lands to the east from the Utter East proper in the south. A river ran through the plains along the northern flank, before turning south in the Stony Waste and crossing through the mountains at their western end.[1][2][note 1]



  1. The Silaviul Mountains are only named on the map on page 53 of The Shining South (1993). Only a small and isolated portion of the range appears on pages 53 and 73 of The Shining South, but a comparison with pages 11 and 16 of The Forgotten Realms Atlas and other maps shows it should be a longer continuous range. The river on page 16 of the Atlas presumably runs through the gap between the mountains depicted in The Shining South. Nothing else is known about these mountains.


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