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The Silk Road was the primary trade route between Faerûn and Kara-Tur.[1]


Beginning in Dhaztanar in Semphar, and ending in Yenching in Shou Lung, the Silk Road was the major trade route that connected the eastern lands of Kara-Tur to the western lands of Faerun, and was where most of the goods that traveled between the two areas passed.[1]

Due to its shorter length, and the larger number of villages along it, the Silk Road was more preferred over the northern Spice Road. The greater amount of civilization meant the roads were better patrolled, and bandits were less of a problem than on the more open northern roads.[1]

The area between Semphar and Khazari, specifically the Howling Gap area, was the most dangerous part of the trip. It was customary to hire additional guards before passing through this area, only to dismiss them once out of the region.[1]

Locations along the Silk Road included:



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