The Silver Stake is a lycanthrope-hunting organization based in a compound on the outskirts of Baldur's Gate. They number between twenty and thirty and attempt to capture and cure lycanthropes in the Western Heartlands. The organization is led by Karel Mahorne, an elderly priestess of Mielikki.[1]


Many of the Silver Stake's members are those who have lost loved ones to lycanthropy and want to make a difference. These are mainly rangers, fighters and clerics, and membership is open to anyone of good alignment who shares the organization's goals. The clerics in the organization will venerate Mielikki out of respect for Karel, but many actually worship Selûne. All members have at least one magically enhanced weapon and one silver weapon.[1]


The compound consists of a shrine to Mielikki and a collection of lore on lycanthropy and its cures. It is manned by two acolytes, a priestess of Selûne, and guarded by a few men-at-arms.[1]

Gas bombsEdit

The Silver Stake employ explosive devices packed with allergy-inducing materials that can weaken a lycanthrope so that it can be successfully captured. They are effective to about 15 feet (4.8m) and each member usually carries up to four of them.[2]


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