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Silverbarks were a type of tree that grew in Faerûn.[2]


Silverbark trees were thin and rarely grew above 12 feet tall. Their red wood was covered in loose silver bark. Their large leaves (as large as human hands[3]) were deep red, waxy, and serrated with a point at the end.[1]


Silverbark sap, which was clear in color, was a mild antitoxin that could be eaten to to prevent some poisonings.[2]

Silverbark leaves were strong enough to be used to make bags and baskets.[1] Natives of the High Moor used silverbark leaves to wrap and protect their food.[3]

Silverbark wood was light and brittle. It was sometimes used by the poor to make stakes.[1]


Silverbarks grew alongside birches in swampy areas in Luruar.[1]


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