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A huuk, or "singdown", was a competition held by Iulutiuns to settle disagreements.[1]


A huuk was a battle of wits; it was essentially an exchange of sung insults between two parties.[1]


An insult was only "valid" if it followed these three "rules":[1]

  • It must be sung;
  • It must begin with the phrase, "My friend," either in second or third person; and
  • It must either compare the opponent to bad food or comment on the opponent's temper.

The competition was played in rounds, with each opponent taking a turn to offer an insult, while the audience listened. A game was played for at least three or four rounds but could go much longer if the two competitors were equally matched.[1]


The reaction of the audience determined the winner, and particularly creative or witty insults were preferred. Singdowns were used to resolve minor disputes, so that violence could be avoided.[1]


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