Singing trees were bizarre plant-like sanguivores (blood-feeders) found in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


Singing trees looked like regular deciduous trees, but had unique leaves. Each leaf sang with a beautiful high-pitched voice, combining together to form an irresistible orchestra. If hungry enough, the body of the tree joined the song with a bass voice.[1]


Singing trees used their bass voice to lure animals within hearing distance. The song compelled most animals to approach the tree for a rest, at which point the tree would drop several leaves on the animal to feed. Feeding leaves fell from the tree in a natural manner. Charmed animals did not even feel the small prick of the leaf's stem as it broke their skin and drew blood. After consuming a bit of blood, the leaf would float back to the tree and attach itself.[1]

If a singing tree was attacked directly, it would send a swarm of leaves at the attacker, draining blood and temporarily blinding them.[1]


Singing trees were usually found far from humans in secluded areas, using their songs to lure animals close enough for them to feed.[1]

A singing tree only produced one seed every five years. When this occurred, the parent tree sent the seed flying away on the breeze with a pair of leaves, ensuring it landed far enough away so that it did not encroach on the parent tree's territory. Saplings attempting to plant within another singing tree's territory were not taken lightly. The dominant tree would send leaves to block the sun from reaching the sapling or to attack the sapling's leaves directly. Singing trees could live for centuries if given an ample food supply.[1]

Singing trees could be used as guardians if kept near a state of starvation. The intense hunger made the tree feral, causing it to instantly attack any warm-blooded creature entering its territory.[1]


Some brave individuals attempted to transport or cultivate singing trees within civilized lands. This was possible with an adult tree so long as the roots were not disturbed and the tree was not subjected to drastic temperature changes.[1]

Fresh seeds could also be used to grow a new singing tree within a city, though these seeds sold for 5,000 gold pieces each.[1]

Notable Singing TreesEdit

An ancient and powerful singing tree inhabited the Public Gardens of Huzuz. It was known to spread its leaves across the entire area, filling the garden with beautiful music.[2]



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