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Sinveri Trollkin was a quarter-drow half-elf woman who served as the general of the armed forces of Ulgarth around 1358 DR. She hailed originally from the land of Dambrath, but had turned renegade.[note 1][note 2]

Sinveri was a capable leader and intelligent. She was a devout follower of Tyr, god of justice and warfare.[1]



  1. The Shining South says that Sinveri is an elf, but also says there are no elves in Dambrath, only half-elves and half-drow. Thus, it seems more likely that this is only a description, and that Sinveri is a half-elf, mostly liked counted as a half-drow.
  2. Her relationship to trolls is unknown. However, the word "drow" is etymologically related to the word "troll", suggesting similar linguistics here.


  1. Tom Prusa (1993). The Shining South. (TSR, Inc), p. 74. ISBN 1-56076-595-X.

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