Sirines are playful, fun-loving fey creatures who love to sing and dance.[2]

Physical descriptionEdit

Sirines look like normal human females although their skin may have a yellow or greenish tinge to it. Their hair varies from normal human colors to silver or dark green.[2]


Sirines prefer not to engage in direct combat. Rather, they tend to use their abilities to escape back to their home. Sirines can charm another creature and can damage their foes' intelligence. Some sirines use bows, slings or javelins as weapons and a small number carry magical javelins.[2]

A single touch from a sirine had a chance of instantly reducing the target's intelligence. This effect lasted until dispelled with magic, or until any sirine touched the victim again.[1]


They often frolic with strangers, although only for a short amount of time and almost never invite strangers back to their lair.[2]



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