Sirrus Melandor was the Chief Prelate of Ravens Bluff[1] from 1353 DR -- ?


(The "current year" for the people and events in Gateway to Ravens Bluff, the Living City is just before the Time of Troubles, approximately 1356 -- 1357 DR.)

Sirrus Melandor stands 5'11" tall and weighs 155 pounds. He has salt-and-pepper hair, icy blue eyes, and is extremely good looking and charismatic. He is usually seen dressed in temple vestments which are decorated with the symbols of his office, and carrying a staff. He has a powerful voice that can command attention if needed.[1]


Sirrus Melandor is the high priest of Tyr in Ravens Bluff and epitomizes the god of justice. He is slow to anger and weighs the considerations of each situation carefully, keeping his own council until he comes to a decision. When he speaks, it is with firm conviction. He is fairly successful at maintaining an air of cooperation among the civic temples for the betterment of the city. He enjoys studying other religions and his main goal in life is to expand the influence of his own temple but without exploiting his office to do so.[1]


Sirrus was born in a hamlet near Ravens Bluff. His family were merchants. He became an apprentice to the Temple of Tyr at age 14 and became a full cleric at 18. He spent 3 years in service to the temple and chief clerics and then left to travel the world and seek adventure. Fourteen years later he returned to his home temple and the high priest appointed him as representative to the Cleric Circle. After the Chief Prelate died the Circle was in disagreement as to who should replace him and Sirrus was seen as a compromise candidate acceptable to all. This recognition boosted his reputation and he was later selected as the new High Priest of Tyr.[1]


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