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Skalnaedyr, named for its dragon founder, was the largest city in Murghôm as of 1479 DR. The city grew rapidly from a village in the 15th century DR and the city's architecture was a jumble of buildings and streets.[1]


The city was ruled by the elder blue dragon Skalnaedyr. He showed respect to his human subjects and allowed the residents a great degree of freedom. Skalnaedyr was rarely seen and his vizier Merwena handled the day-to-day operations of the government.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit


A plague among the dragons of the Copper Mountains in 1409 DR caused many dragons to flee the region. One blue dragon, Skalnaedyr, stopped to rest in a small village called Phannaskull. The frightened villagers pledged fealty to the surprised dragon, who agreed to rule the village. Due to Skalnaedyr's enlightened (for a dragon) rule, the small village grew into a city during the 15th century DR.[1]



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